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Amazing moment man performs on a CPR kookaburra

Amazing footage has emerged of a man who gave a kookaburra CPR and even used an air compressor on it to bring the bird miraculously back to life.
The YouTube video uploaded by Oxygnn shows how the man would not give up on the bird and worked on it like a paramedic until suddenly it sprang back to consciousness.
'My dad was in his car when he saw the bird hit the glass wall and land in our pool in which [it looked like] he drowned and was close to dying,' the son of the kookaburra saver said.

'My dad straight away got the bird and formed CPR on him/her. The CPR was working okay but he needed something more strong so he brought something else into the scene.
'This thing pumped large amounts of air very fast. My father placed the tube in the bird's mouth and turned it on which straight away brought him back to life!'

An air compressor for pumping up tyres was what the man used to blow air into the bird after he had performed CPR on it for a few minutes.
It initially looked like the kookaburra was a lost cause, but the man refused to give up on it.

After alternating between pressing on the bird's chest and blowing into it for several minutes he then got his son to bring over the air compressor.
After a few blasts from the machine the bird suddenly sprang to its feet, and although still unsteady, a few more blasts from the air compressor worked wonders.
'Dad saved a kookaburra. That's amazing!' the man's son screamed after what he saw.
Photographs at the end of the video then showed the man holding the revived kookaburra and another showed it sitting on a nearby fence afterwards.
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Amazing moment man performs on a CPR kookaburra
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